Galery and Plans

Here some examples of designs made with Naval Designer.
A library of plans and objects are available at the foot of the page.

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Trimaran Nitro 4.60
TriNitro renews the kind of the multihulls of sport. Sailor and rapid it associates the quality of the monoshells the pleasures of multis. Appointment with Quiberon to test it!

Nitro 4.60 - hulls

Trimaran Nitro

Nitro 4.60 central Hull

Central hull with
its longitudinal

Nitro 4.60 Navigation àQuiberon

Navigation in Quiberon
(to know some more)

Minis deckchair 6.50

Mini Hull

Transverse sections

Complete minis

Under asymmetrical spi

Front minis

Front port side

Animation Studio

Animation Studio







shannon 24


Equinox 452

Skiff of the edges of the Marne by François Lelièvre [ ]





Boats car sustained by Jean Margail [ ]





Catamaran of voyage by Christian Moulin

Cata of voyage
Overall picture

Cata de Voyage

Alpha 400 and Alpha 650 per Thomas Khyn [ ]

Alpha 400

Alpha 650




Audi TT

Audi TT

Robin ATL

Fuselage Robin ATL
(private plane - C Moulin)

Homage To Andy Warhol

If you wish to present your achievements on this site, send in images in large size.

Library of plans and objects

The plans presented here are the result of the work of the users of Naval Designer.

To download these files, use the right button of your mouse and click on the contextual menu "record under" and indicate the directory on your hard disk where the file will have to be saved .

Catamaran 1.4m by Jean Marc Dussaussois [ ]

Length: 1,4m
Width: 1,1m
Surface aerofoil: 1,6m²
Displacement: 23kg
This catamaran was designed to be made as a model.
It would be possible to carry it out in natural size but it would be necessary to re-examine the arms, the appendices and surely gréement according to the desired program.
Its hulls has plywood bilges are easy to realize because this technique of construction does not require a mould.

For more information on the plans and the realization of the model you can contact me by e-mail.
With soon,

Jean Marc.

The objects of the library can be used freely in your projects. Do not hesitate to enrich this library with your own objects.

Library of objects

Cata 1.4m


Coffee mill by Tanguy El Mouahidine


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